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From @ianbremmer
This happens at every NATO summit with Trump. Every G7. Every G20. The US President is mocked by US allies behind h…
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From @Conrguy
@ianbremmer Looks worse on Trudeau than it does on Trump
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From @ElizabethRBess
@Conrguy @ianbremmer it doesn’t. As a Canadian I think it’s awesome. Bravo Trudeau!
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From @djrothkopf
@ianbremmer Absolutely right, Ian. But sometimes they mock him to his face, also.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I could show Trumpe wrong in my sleep. None mentioned below are smart/brave enough to engage Trump to his face & show him wrong. MT @ElizabethRBess [cheers, that's how Canadians roll] MT @ianbremmer [cheers cowardly kids like Trudeau laughing about Trump behind his back]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@djrothkopf: Trump is extremely vulnerable to his base over his bans, his "wall", PR, etc. Challenging his proxies on those using Socratic questions would *really* hurt Trump. You & @ianbremmer have access to those proxies but you lack the smarts & the patriotism to do it.