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Katy, TX
human•kind be both #Beto2020
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From @BetoORourke
At a gun show, a seller told me we need better background checks. An owner of an AK-47 told me he’d do anything to…
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From @ihatethemedia
@BetoORourke Filed under shit that didn't happen.
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From @KatP147369
@ihatethemedia @BetoORourke
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From @davidhogg111
@BetoORourke Agreed! If we listen to each other and lead with courage rather than fear and act with love rather t…
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From @Sloopyinca
@davidhogg111 @BetoORourke Ok. I've listened. And I still won't give up my rights. Thanks. Bye.
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From @andrewlynds
@Sloopyinca @davidhogg111 @BetoORourke Your glib response makes clear that you are incapable of actually listening.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Just because #Beto2020 went to the gun show doesn't mean he had that conversation. MT @KatP147369 [replies to another claiming it didn't happen w/ MSM story about BOR going to a gun show] MT @BetoORourke At a gun show, a seller told me we need better background checks...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@andrewlynds @Sloopyinca: machine guns - full auto machine guns - were readily available in the U.S. for over a decade. If @davidhogg111 is right, then there should have been dozens of FL-style shootings during that time. Were there? Bonus: what was Columbine planned as?