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Recovering: IA Comms Director for @tomsteyer 🌈✡️ just trying to make change, make friends, and make dinner (she/her)
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Kat Taylor at the Hamburg Inn in Iowa City. @TomSteyer in Muscatine with his brother Jim. A fun family day connecti…
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.@LeahHaberman: questions that fit in a tweet would force Trump proxies to admit Trump's "wall" is vaporware & his ban wasn't needed or endangered USA. Steyer could have made that happen any time in the last 4 years. I see 2 main explanations why he didn't. Know any others?
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.@LeahHaberman: "When Trump's ban was blocked, did he ramp up screening enough to keep out ISIS etc embeds from FR/BE/DE/etc.? If so, then his ban wasn't needed. If not, he endangered the USA. Which is it?" Why can't Steyer think that up & why won't he have proxies asked it?