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Fatima Shama
New York City
Executive Director @FreshAirFund, Former VP @MaimonidesMC, Former Commissioner @NYCimmigrants (All opinions are my own.)
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I think you all should know about some of the things my pal ⁦@FatimaShamaNYC⁩ has done. And done. And keeps on doin…
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From @backwards_river
@TimOBrien @FatimaShamaNYC We Speak New York is an awesome resource, Fatima.
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.@backwards_river: Sierra Leone (2014 Ebola outbreak) had just 2 doctors per 100,000 people in 2014. Even if just one of their doctors moves here it'd be devastating. Mayor Mike, @TimOBrien, & @FatimaShamaNYC would gleefully urge every doc in W Africa to move here.