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Mount Hope Cemetery
All tweets from the grave. If you want to fight me, you'll need to bring a shovel.
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.@gettinnoticedmo @paul_gattis: Roy Moore supports Trump Wall. What little of it that's built will be easily neglected or torn down. Pointing that out to his #MAGA fans could destroy him, so please make sure not to do that. #resist #ALSen
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RT @gettinnoticedmo: @paul_gattis @MooreSenate Hey Roy, Remember how you said that families were "better" during times of slavery? Quickโ€ฆ
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All your efforts are "in the market" already & clearly aren't working. Don't let reality force you to choose things that'd work better. #resist #ALSen MT @gettinnoticedmo @paul_gattis remember how [Roy Moore] said that families were "better" during times of slavery?