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New Jersey, USA
jersey. democrat. news junkie. unapologetic lover of puns. Lebanese. hot head. mom. geek. jenius. I saw an actual Ground Round today. Right matters.
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From @TheAtlantic
"We don’t know how to think about a war with Iran, let alone win one, and it’s not at all clear why we should try.…
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From @JoJoFromJerz
@TheAtlantic “Blunder”... I fear that word isn’t going to cut it, when American mothers, fathers, sisters and brot…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those like The Atlantic have constantly *helped* Trump, such as by throwing tantrums that MAGA correctly reads as Trump "owning the libs". They aren't your allies. MT @JoJoFromJerz [cheers] MT @TheAtlantic [we're apparently anti-war (Apple isn't a defense contractor)]
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From @gtconway3d
This terrific essay by Richard North Patterson describes how one man’s Narcissistic Personality Disorder has sabota…
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From @JoJoFromJerz
@gtconway3d “Putin understands what millions of Americans will never accept: for Trump, America is not a place to b…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
How many "Trump's nuts" tales have there been? Have they done anything other than just help him? So, why are you enabling Conway as he helps Trump? Conway has zero clue about what'd really undercut Trump. MT @JoJoFromJerz MT @gtconway3d [someone says Trump's nuts, again]