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The Old North State
Grouchy Chicago expat teaching stuff to commandos. Soldiered once. UCLA GWU LUC. Non-DoD endorsed culture, ed, strategy & politics gripes. RT≠endorse
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A Kansas City radio station leased six hours of airtime a day to a broker that airs Radio Sputnik, a Russian state-…
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@SteveVockrodt @sarahkendzior So who are the principals of Alpine Broadcasting and "RM Broadcasting LLC, a Florida-…
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Correct me if wrong, but KC Star "investigative journalist" Steve doesn't seem to realize how 'Rossiya Segodnya' translates. Look that up then reread his blog. MT @Russ_Burgos [outraged at RU propaganda that doesn't help the Dems] MT @SteveVockrodt [hypes his blog re RT & KCXL]