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David Huerta
California, USA
President of SEIU/USWW the Si Se Puede and most militant union in California. Very proud of the men and women who make up our organization.
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From @GeorgeGascon
"L.A. has the largest immigrant population in the nation, and our chief law enforcement official needs to be a lead…
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From @war_there
@GeorgeGascon @HuertaUSWW @seiuusww Our chief law enforcement official needs to enforce the law.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@war_there: Cesar Chavez strongly opposed illegal immigration: he knew Big Biz uses it to lower wages. @GeorgeGascon & @HuertaUSWW strongly support illegal immigration, greatly helping Big Biz. Point that out to anyone who thinks they're liberals.