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Born: Budapest, Hungary during the Hungarian uprising. Escaped to the US with family as a newborn. US Army Intelligence as a career path. Citizen.
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From @GavinNewsom
I'll be on HBO's @vicenews tonight -- hope you'll tune in!
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From @Lisabrabli
@GavinNewsom @vicenews He'll be President some day. Should get to know him now! You will be impressed
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From @istvan641
@Lisabrabli @GavinNewsom @vicenews I'm not impressed with a guy when running for SF Mayor, was screwing his campaig…
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From @myownthoughts78
@GavinNewsom @vicenews Do you work at all? CA infrastructure is falling apart. We have real issues. But thanks for…
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From @DavidOValentin
@GavinNewsom @vicenews How safe do you feel at home today, Governor? Why have you invited killers into our state, o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@istvan641: Newsom will get away with it until his opponents do smart things for once. Urge everyone with access to him to ask him questions like "You blocked death penalty over Pianezzi. Is there any chance - even the slightest chance - the Night Stalker wasn't guilty?"
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@myownthoughts78: help urge/shame those with access to Newsom to ask him things like: "You blocked death penalty due to Pianezzi being falsely charged. Is there any chance - even the most infinitesimal chance - the Night Stalker wasn't guilty?" Will you help with that?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DavidOValentin: there's a simple way to stop Newsom: urge/shame those with access to him to really press him on questions like if he thinks there's even the remotest chance that someone like the Night Stalker wasn't guilty. If they won't ask him, use it to undercut them.