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Jane Smith Fisher
Long Island, NY
Your better basic American. Well, maybe not ⓣⓗⓐⓣ basic. And yes, I'm trying to make my own small difference. #notgivingup
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From @JudyWoodruff
.⁦@TheAtlantic⁩ editor in chief ⁦@JeffreyGoldberg⁩ welcomes crowd at ⁦@aspenideas⁩ opening session saying his publi…
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From @Jane4now
@JudyWoodruff @TheAtlantic @JeffreyGoldberg @aspenideas To the contrary. It's people like you @JudyWoodruff and…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Jane4now: @JeffreyGoldberg & @JudyWoodruff wouldn't have jobs if they ever opposed the agenda of their Big Biz benefactors (Mrs Steve Jobs & big foundations respectively). Plus, #TheAtlantic got rid of their comments when they got tired of being shown wrong on every post.