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Ahmed Hussen
Toronto, Ontario
Minister/Ministre @CitImmCanada/@CitImmCanFr. MP for York South-Weston. Excited to serve one of Canada's most diverse & dynamic ridings. #YSW
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From @Manesha76
RT @HarbirSingh_: Canada's Somali-born Minister of Immigration @HonAhmedHussen is inviting immigrants from Pakistan, the world's premier st…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Challenge him to his face on video using Socratic debate. I'll even help edit your questions. MT @Manesha76 MT @HarbirSingh_: Canada's Somali-born Minister of Immigration @HonAhmedHussen invites {Pakistanis from] world's premier state sponsor of Jihad and Islamist Terrorism!