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comms @RepDonBeyer | along the way @JenniferWexton @DeborahRossNC @RepBenRayLujan @RepJerryNadler @HVL_NC | SciFi + RocknRoll | Tweets mine/dumb
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From @akarl_smith
One of the most impressive ratios I've ever seen is happening right now
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From @Fritschner
@akarl_smith If it's better than Jack Burkman it's gotta really be something
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Fritschner: @akarl_smith blogs about Pence's Ireland accommodations; his blog will just help Pence & Trump. Both are incredibly vulnerable (to their base, where it matters) on other issues. Explain: is Allan incredibly dim? Corrupt? Scared of actually questioning authority?