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We refuse to leave a fiscal fiasco & climate crisis as our legacy. Truth & principles matter. Consistently blue; proudly unaffiliated. CBB & CFB aficionado.
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From @JanHoffmanNYT
From political nonstarter to the latest flag planted by Democratic presidential candidates...but what would it actu…
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From @RVincentJr
@JanHoffmanNYT @NYTHealth Well done. A slippery slope indeed. Takeaways: 1) learned about medical tourism; 2) there…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RVincentJr: NYT isn't really liberal: they're incredibly pro-Big Biz. Even if @JanHoffmanNYT raised cavils about healthcare for illegal aliens, I'll guess she didn't acknowledge it'd be another case of corporate socialism. Big Biz can give low wages & pass the real costs on.