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jon steele
Recovered postal worker, ex FM radio guy, ex international news shooter for ITN. Author: War Junkie, The Watchers, Angel City, The Way of Sorrows, Saddamistan
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From @poppymcp
#WorldPressFreedomDay at the Myanmar @Reuters bureau - our thoughts are with our colleagues @walone4 and Kyaw Soe O…
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From @beforetimes
@poppymcp @Reuters @walone4 Bravo.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@beforetimes: those like @poppymcp lead the charge to deplatform dissenters in the USA. Burma takes deplatforming a little further (& North Korea even further), but it all comes from the same place. Do you see any "reporters" opposing deplatforming dissenters in the USA?