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David Lat
New York, NY
Lawyer turned writer, speaker, legal recruiter. Founder, AboveTheLaw (@ATLblog). Managing Director, @LateralLink. Author, Supreme Ambitions (@SCOTUSambitions).
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.@davidlat: @Kathryn1 shows absolutely no skepticism about the latest message-on-receipt tale. Will you fire her if it's a hoax? #ATLBlog
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.@davidlat: considering all the nasty-message-on-receipt tales that turn out to be hoaxes, are you prepared for blowback if the latest is?
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The left just hates dissent these days (fixed)
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@AaronWorthing recruited @tamaratabo & @kayleighmcenany to write for @atlblog. I just want smart, civil dissent (which I get on Twitter).
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.@DavidLat: @kayleighmcenany can't answer even weak questions about how Trump's policies would fail miserably. She makes you look bad.