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Steve Kerr
Proud dad, husband and coach.
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From @bcuban
RT @PENamerican: Warriors coach @SteveKerr: "The truth has to always win out, and our institutions and ideals have to win out, so it's impo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bcuban @PENamerican: re @SteveKerr saying there's "an assault... on our core values". Trump's scheming to keep some Americans out of college. Can we count on your help opposing that?
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From @SteveKerr
If This Is America
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From @Coghlan
@SteveKerr @SteveKronerSF Steve Kerr is more qualified than many now serving in govt. including our “president”.
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From @lockwoodr76
@Coghlan @SteveKerr @SteveKronerSF Yeah, expert at putting a rubber ball in a iron ring coaching thugs, give me a break.
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From @SteveKronerSF
@lockwoodr76 @Coghlan @SteveKerr And by "thugs," what do you mean exactly?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
I can't answer for whoever, but what's the crime rate for #NBA & #NFL players vs that for #baseball & #soccer? Is cheating on Spanish taxes better or worse than stabbing someone? MT @SteveKronerSF @lockwoodr76 @Coghlan SteveKerr And by "thugs," what do you mean exactly?