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Greater Orlando Area.
Food & Travel Blogger, Chef, Speaker, Content Creator and Digital Strategist. Eating my way around the World sharing my adventures & my recipes #Orlando #Travel
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RT @ucfoodietv: How to help Puerto Rico. Read this book then go visit. #JoseAndres #PuertoRico #HurricaneMaria
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JA blocked me for calling him out over pushing gourmet sandwiches over staples for the able-bodied. You're weaklings who make us look like easy prey for hostile foreign powers. #PuertoRico MT @AskChefDennis MT @ucfoodietv: How to help Puerto Rico. Read #JoseAndres book
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AskChefDennis: USA won WWII and put a man on the moon. People like you & @chefjoseandres reduce us to decadent weaklings who need gourmet sandwiches but who can't figure out how to use abundant natural assets to survive. For the good of everyone, stand down. #PuertoRico