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Salute! I write the Ask E. Jean column in ELLE and have a spanking new book coming in July, WHAT DO WE NEED MEN FOR?
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Here's the part of the @ejeancarroll interview with Anderson Cooper that #CNN omitted from their posting of the interview: #RapeIsSexy #MAGA #resist
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RT @KassandraSeven: Y’all might as well follow @ejeancarroll while you’re here. Let’s turn a negative into a positive.
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.@LetaLestrange17 @KassandraSeven: 6 months ago, @ejeancarroll would probably have hired Avenatti. Remember the name of the cray who he helped make bogus charges against Kavanaugh? Carroll will be like that in a week or two, followed by her books making the WalMart remainder bin.
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You need to read @ejeancarroll on her encounters with hideous men, particularly the one occupying the White House.
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@gvsmith @onesarahjones @ejeancarroll Holy shit.
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.@jooltman: not to put too fine a point on it, but @ejeancarroll isn't exactly Miss America. The chances of her looking radically better 23 years ago are very slim. Trump dates/"dates" models. No sane person thinks Trump would pay any attention to her. @gvsmith is just a grifter