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Tommy Morrison
South Beach Miami305
Division 1 All American Football player, ex male model and Wrestler and owner of a gym, Conservative & Creepy Ass Cracker #MAGA
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MT @annaparks2011 RT @tonyromano1000: [a Carlson Coulter] Imagine if black speaker had to cancel speech due to threats of violence from KKK?
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.@annaparks2011 @tonyromano1000: that'd be a yuge issue, because black leaders - unlike @TuckerCarlson & @AnnCoulter - are competent. #MAGA
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@mPinoe If u don't wanna stand for ur countries national anthem .. By all means keep ur azz in the locker room
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.@tonyromano1000: FYI, @AnnCoulter ❀ #NFL, but *hates* #soccer in which mPinoe is an outlier unlike the NFL. #Trump2016 #AltRight #tcot #gop