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Geronimo Allison
Green Bay Packers WR Hometown: Tampa,FL [For Inquiries Contact: ]
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From @packers
WHAT. A. CATCH! @813Geronimo #PHIvsGB | #GoPackGo
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From @greasyforrisi48
@packers @813Geronimo Why didnt you guys go for 2...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@greasyforrisi48: you know how there can be a dozen or more passes in hockey per minute? Imagine there was 30 seconds to 10 minutes between each pass. That's what kneeball is like: it's a pathetic attempt at a sport for players who need direction on everything. #GoPackGo
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From @NFL
How did Geronimo Allison hang on to this? @813Geronimo #GoPackGo #PHIvsGB on @NFLNetwork | @NFLonFOX | @PrimeVideo…
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From @Sinclai2Gabriel
@NFL @813Geronimo @nflnetwork @NFLonFOX @PrimeVideo By wrapping his hands around the ball, maintaining possession a…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Sinclai2Gabriel: don't forget the part about the QB coming up behind the bent-over linemen and sliding his hands between the thighs of his favorite. There's nothing like that in rugby, it's an @NFL innovation. #PHIvsGB