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@kemp_calandrian @MomsDemand We’ve got your back in Minnesota! ️️
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.@jessdwee: how many school shootings were there in the 13+ years when full-auto machine guns were freely available? @MomsDemand are like quack doctors. The real reasons for school shootings are cultural, not availability of guns.
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@kemp_calandrian @MomsDemand ️ Stronger together! Sending you so much love from St. Louis, Missouri. #KeepGoing #OneToughMother
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.@BeckyJMorgan @50RandomActs: feel free to answer:
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Sending my love and thanks to @MomsDemand and the Village of Mothers and Fathers. Take action, stay in the fight. We're stronger together!
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@kemp_calandrian @MomsDemand Sending our love and strength your way. #KeepGoing #MomsAreEverywhere including the #SuperBowl
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@aimeetavares: Columbine was planned as a bombing. There was a mass knifing recently. There weren't many or any school shootings when guns were much more easily available. @MomsDemand is like a cargo cult. The real reason for school shootings is cultural, not guns.