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The official Twitter feed of Drake University, a private university that has been molding minds and creating independent thinkers since 1881.
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From @BaronNoah
@jaketapper @DrakeUniversity @KamalaHarris Curious why Kamala Harris gets a town hall on CNN but nobody else does?…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BaronNoah: Kamala supports the DREAM Act, an anti-American bill that'd keep some Americans out of college (details on request). If you want to hold her, #CNN, & @JakeTapper accountable, use that to undercut them to their supporters. #HarrisTownHall
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From @jaketapper
Great crowd here at @DrakeUniversity for the @KamalaHarris town hall —
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From @lotsofspots2
@jaketapper @DrakeUniversity @KamalaHarris Class act, I like her
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From @ChristineGambi7
@jaketapper @DrakeUniversity @KamalaHarris I like every single answer, so far...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lotsofspots2: Kamala's very pro-Big Biz policies helped get at least three people killed. Search her name plus Tony Bologna for the details. You'll have to look that up yourself because @JakeTapper is too much of a hack to call her on it. #HarrisTownHall
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From @yachtboykai
@ChristineGambi7 @jaketapper @DrakeUniversity @KamalaHarris Sure because they're unchallenged
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@yachtboykai: use the incredibly puffball question @elizaannedy of @drakecphs asked to undercut @drakeuniversity to academics & potential students. She's unclear on the duties of citizens. We're supposed to question authority, not gently lob puffballs. Help make Drake look bad.