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nonprofit communicator, recovering journalist, toastmaster, figure skating aficionada, oboist, globalist, #ResistanceGenealogy fan, and mom to boy/girl/beagle
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From @BeliefBeat
RT @goldengateblond: Attention journalists: I will donate $100 to charity in the name of the first person who asks Trump what the letters i…
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Ironic and sad. MT @BeliefBeat RT @goldengateblond: I'll donate $100 [if someone] asks Trump what the letters in DACA stand for.
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.@BeliefBeat: 1.5 years ago I started site to ask Trump *tough* *policy* questions that'd reveal how his plans won't work. @goldengateblond
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BeliefBeat: 195 #TheResistance leaders refused to help. Now comes @goldengateblond with yet more kid's stuff that won't make Trump better.
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@beliefbeat: are many illegal aliens doing jobs unemployed Americans could be doing? #immigration #tcot #GOP #sgp #ocra #p2 #tlot #OWS