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Laura Hennessey πŸ†˜βœοΈ
Blocked by @gtconway3d. Also f*ck u Cambridge Analytica, Data Propria, Emerdata Ltd, Auspex International
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From @kimmurphy
Hundreds of migrant kids were being held this week at a Border Patrol facility in Texas. Kids were taking care of b…
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From @LauraHennesse11
@kimmurphy @rhonda_harbison Please consider amplifying this and let's get out in the millions to protest this inhum…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LauraHennesse11: Trump's horrific, but @kimmurphy is paid to push NeoLiberal policies: loose borders, free trade, & globalism. The loose borders she pushes would help Big Biz lower wages. Leaving aside what Trump does, is lowering wages a liberal thing?