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Paso Robles, Central Coast, CA
Morphed to #TeamPete4JoeBiden
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From @WMUR9
.@PeteButtigieg arrives to an excited crowd ready to greet him at Kalivas Park in Manchester. “We will win N.H.” he…
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From @JeremyWard33
@WMUR9 @PeteButtigieg @SlopezWMUR No, you won't.
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From @SRPainter
@WMUR9 @PeteButtigieg @SlopezWMUR He reminds me of Robert Kennedy.
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From @birdsongs52
@JeremyWard33 @WMUR9 @PeteButtigieg @SlopezWMUR We're all in this together if we want to #dumptrump in 2020. You mi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Idolizing politicians reminds me of dictatorships the world over throughout history. The Constitution wants you to question authority, not be a fangirl. MT @SRPainter [Pete Buttigieg] reminds me of Robert Kennedy.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@birdsongs52: rather than being a fanboy/girl for Buttigieg (and thus letting him do all your thinking for you), wouldn't it be smarter & more patriotic to really question him and Trump on the huge flaws in their policies? That'd greatly undercut Trump & choose best candidate.