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From the staff of CNN's State of the Union with @JakeTapper. Watch Sundays at 9a ET on @CNN & @CNNi + 12p ET on @CNN. Always on @CNNgo!
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NEW: On @CNNSotu, @DanaBashCNN played a new clip I found from 2015 of White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney call…
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@KFILE @DanaBashCNN @CNNSotu When these clips are found, I wish they would be played during the next interview with…
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Mulvaney - like all other top Trump employees - is a big amnesty fan. Amnesty is toxic to most Trump fans. The smart thing is to play that up to peel off Trump's support. Is KFILE doing that? MT @BrianReinarz [@KFILE "finds" a clip of Mulvaney against Obama's exec order]