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Ginger Thompson
New York, NY
Senior Reporter at Propublica. Former Latin America correspondent at the New York Times.
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From @gingerthomp1
The FBI Is Investigating Massive Embezzlement of Border Patrol Union Funds. The latest from @ACInvestigates andโ€ฆ
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From @USAValues
@gingerthomp1 @Susan_Hennessey @ACInvestigates @JeffErnsthausen @propublica Big surprise. The BUCK STOP AT @realDonaldTrump ! #DefeatTrump
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.@USAValues: whatever someone in BP *Union* did or didn't do, #gingerthomp1 has an ulterior motive. She's employed thanks to billionaires, so she pushes stories that help them Every billionaire - even Trump - loves loose borders; #ProPublica focuses on that to help billionaires.