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Chris Simms
Stamford, CT
@NBCSports NFL Analyst, co-host of @PFT_Live & Unbuttoned. Hook'em Horns, 8 yrs in the NFL, 1 yr as Patriots assistant. Footballer, Husband and Father for Life
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From @miketirico
Thank you for watching @NDonNBC again this season .. a great deal of appreciation for @NDFootball, the visiting tea…
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From @AnikanDaywalker
@miketirico @NDonNBC @NDFootball @liam_mchugh @CSimmsQB @KathrynTappen @DougFlutie @tjmcaulay Mike you are the best…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AnikanDaywalker: at Brazil Olympics, @miketirico basically apologized for NBC showing synchronized swimming or something rather than the football final everyone else in the world was watching. Here's hoping he also gets to call #NotreDame in real football, not kneeball.