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Brad Lander
Brooklyn, NY
NYC Council Member. Deputy Leader for Policy. Chair @LocalProgress. Lucky husband of @barnettem. Park Slope dad. Trying to help save our democracy & my sanity.
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From @bradlander
It has become a maddening refrain, every time she drops a smart new policy proposal. Yes, @ewarren has the best po…
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From @BorisSantosBK
@bradlander @ewarren I support Bernie bc out of any politician, I have seen him propose and stick up for his rad le…
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From @Natalie_DeVito
@bradlander @ewarren Thank you. I just surrendered and gave my third small donation, and then I surrendered again…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BorisSantosBK: Bernie, Liz Warren (& thus @bradlander, to the extent he has any policies) all support very pro-Big Biz immigration policies that'd reduce wages. Trump - despite his bluster & attempts to portray him as tough - is on the same basic side as all of them.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Natalie_DeVito: @bradlander blogs "Being A Man Helped My Career At Every Step. That's Why I'm Endorsing Elizabeth Warren". Could there have been other factors or did he achieve his lofty post only due to his gender? Is an Old Gals' Network the solution to an Old Boys' Network?
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From @bradlander
Read @joeberg's obit of the Skulener rebbe. Esp in these polarized times, it's important to look for things we can…
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From @YosefRapaport
@bradlander @joeberg We need to remember that the Rebbe was a refugee, a torture victim and in the end it was Ameri…
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From @shtickydude
@YosefRapaport @bradlander @joeberg And he cane to the great United States of America legally.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Point out to Rapaport's fans he's very pro-Big Biz & would help Koch/U.S.Chamber/Tyson/WalMart/etc lower wages. MT @shtickydude [tries pro-mass immigration GOP talking point legal-good-illegal-not] MT @YosefRapaport [tries to wrap pro-Big Biz mass immigration in religion]