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cristina lópez g.
Washington, DC | San Salvador
Making sense of the internet and disinformation with @datasociety. Salvadoran immigrant getting the job done. Views my own. Se habla español.
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From @crislopezg
this is what right-wing gaming the refs looks like with tech: presenting speech done with the intention of harassin…
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From @online_nobody
@crislopezg he's so far into his own little world that he wants the rules of the site to be "me and my buddies can…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@online_nobody: what's ironic is Twitter heavily censors replies from all kinds of users. That includes liberals replying to Trump officials (see my pinned tweet for real data). Lil' Honeckers like @crislopezg through millions of Twitter users overboard to silence the #AltRight