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Hans Giesholt
Arizona, USA
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From @GavinNewsom
You don’t believe in climate change. You are excused from this conversation.
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From @DWDrummer13
@GavinNewsom Resign Gavin! We know it's Democratic policies which is causing CA it's massive hardship. #RecallGainNewsom
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From @SaharaViolet
@GavinNewsom Thank you, Governor. Perfect response. That’s my exact feeling too, he doesn’t even belong in the con…
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From @JohnRossBowie
@DWDrummer13 @GavinNewsom Hoping to Gavin some new followers?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Newsom's beyond-weak reply is harmful to CA. There are smart arguments against Trump but Newsom just acts like a child putting his hands over his ears. MT @SaharaViolet [so right] MT @GavinNewsom [extremely weak, pro-censorship reply to Trump saying clean forest floors or no $]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JohnRossBowie: why don't you use your blue check for good rather than cheap adhoms? I just looked up national acres vs state acres in CA, why don't you do the same and then point that out to Trump fans?