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Andrew Gripp
Roanoke, VA
[Writer & educator] social democracy | political reform | viewpoint pluralism | poetic naturalism | moral realism | animal welfare | literature | chess
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From @rkuttnerwrites
Available now for #PreOrder: Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism? by @rkuttnerwrites…
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From @AndrewGripp
@rkuttnerwrites I just finished reading it, and it is one of the best books on politics and economics I've read in some time. Fabulous work!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AndrewGripp: we've never had "democracy", by design. @rkuttnerwrites is like someone who talks about all the tanks the Navy has. He also cheers Liz Warren, whose #immigration stance is very pro-Big Biz: she'd give crooked corporations all the cheap labor they want.