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Writer. Vaper. Gobshite ex-squaddie. I'm North British and hate the SNP. Preferred pronoun: El Presidente Supremo
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From @guardian
Of course British Muslims are being held back. This is an Islamophobic country | Shaista Aziz
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From @FergusMason1
@guardian But it's not "Hinduphobic" or "Sikhophobic", is it? So, instead of whining about it, try asking yourself…
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From @FergusMason1
@guardian Meanwhile, back in the real world, polls show that the UK is the LEAST "islamophobic" country in Europe.
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From @FergusMason1
@guardian Only 47% of us want all muslim immigration stopped, compared with majorities in EVERY other EU country except Spain.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@FergusMason1: people like you want all sorts of fantastical things. People like you aren't smart enough to settle & thus help opponents.