Noxious racial bean-counting from @lwmunoz of the @AssociatedPress: Does Obama admin have a problem w/ white men?
"Nancy Luft, Jr." comments on Lou Dobbs' "mind control Disinformation" at #SputnikMindControlRays
@Maddow lies again, this time about JBS: More examples of her misleading her viewers:
#LeekspinLundi continues with this webcam version, complete with accessory: #MusicMonday
Bombarde! Breton-style Trio er Bag: #MusicMonday
Dude in tank top + tattoo + Adeste Fideles on organ = not that bad: #Christmas #MusicMonday
Another day, another delusional #teaparty screed: Incompenent TP leaders failed at #Hoffman & #healthcare. #sgp
Some #Christmas organ music that's somewhat NSFW or much anywhere else: #MusicMonday
#Libertarian loser Peter Schiff supports mass immigration, seems not to know what a sanctuary city is: #teaparty
Most nonsensical @PJTV article yet? No, because that's like infinity minus one.
#Healthcare bill has $100 million for a "mystery hospital": Smarter leaders could've blocked UHC. #teaparty #sgp
#CNNRealReporting on @Politifact "Lie of Year": @CNN doesn't note that PFact misled:
#teaparty not smart enough to realize that over-hyping, lying, tantrums, not thinking, etc. etc. helps Obama and Dems. #glennbeck #sgp #doh
Watch later: Peter Schiff on immigration: Gary Johnson ditto:
In retrospect, maybe the #teaparty plan to call the 300+ million Americans who disagree with them Marxist traitors wasn't such a good idea.
2 of 2: Instead, #teaparty and #GOP leaders just encouraged tantrums, non-intellectual non-arguments that didn't work. #glennbeck #sgp
1 of 2: #healthcare could've been blocked / modified with my techniques; discrediting UHC supporters on video would've been very effective.
Wasn't @PJTV going to "send the MSM down the river" (per their ad; no, really). So, why do they only ask weak, MSM-style questions? #Hmmm...
Alan Grayson wants a critic imprisoned over extra-trivial matter: He's an a-h, but much smarter than his critics.
Unprepared Roger Simon @PJTV asks Charlie Rangel ineffective question: See the tweet where I pre-mocked RS' trip.
60 angry calls, emails all it took for Canadian hospital to cancel Sarah #Palin at fundraiser: Use it against 'em
Promoting new movie, Matt Damon discusses immigration: Will watch, break out into hysterical laughter over later.
Obama sending "customized" "Holiday" greetings based on first names: The best I could do; the others were blocked
On Monday, RNC press conference to oppose #healthcare features Michael Steele and... DC lobbyist, #teaparty string-puller Dick Armey. #sgp
Army recruits skilled non-immigrants (asylees, refugees, temp visas, etc.), fast-tracks for citizenship:
Corruption starts at the top and works its way downward:
Serious dirt on Rand Paul spoksmn: I hope Dick Armey's PAC will still donate $. #libertarian #teaparty #sgp #tcot
"Look: 'Harrison' is a middle name I use... I never heard of him before opening my Ford dealership... That? It's from my ad. A 'Wookie'?" Al Gore, Harry Smith "share a moment". Wow.
Logical fallacy from Kochtopus' @AFPhq; @AndrewBreitbart, Drudge help: (guilt by association)
Only 25% of young Hispanics identify selves as American first + Pew Hispanic head sounds like Samuel Huntington:
Not entirely sold on this article's claims that we'd face wave of bogus "asylum seekers" a la UK: But...
Illegal alien nanny employer, Prop200 opponent, & McCain lackey Grant Woods files FEC complaint re: JD Hayworth:
Among major #teaparty issues are: not having the numbers; 99% of U.S. rejects #libertarian; other side is much smarter; being delusional.
Delusional #TeaParty Nation email: "For every call a member of Moveon or Organizing for America makes, we should make 10!" #sgp #glennbeck
Anyone know any improv comics? I need some for a website I'm putting together. Here's the ad: #comedy #improv
Luis Gutierrez trolls for dumber @HuffingtonPost readers: Note: he was born in Chicago, he's not an immigrant.
Corporate tools @CFACT not smart enough to show how they think Greenpeace is wrong, resort to cheap stunt:
Guess: #teaparty 10 times more likely to fall for 419 schemes than others. #glennbeck #sgp
Very confused, incoherent @HuffingtonPost loon goes after "socialist" Bill O'Reilly for supporting sovereignty:
PDF download of Gutierrez' amnesty bill is here: I might scan it later.
Why is @EdMorrissey promoting a skilled immigration edge case, and will @HotAirBlog take a fall on amnesty?
Hubris + DIY joke kit = Michael Moore calling for a boycott of state of Connecticut:
3 of 3: Give them a guest worker program, and they'll support amnesty. So: help discredit Armey, #teaparty leaders, Flake, Pence, etc. #sgp
2 of 3: It also includes RINOs (McCain, Graham) and staunch conservatives (Mike Pence, Jeff Flake, Dick Armey, #teaparty leaders)... (more)
1 of 3: Amnesty opponents need to always remember that the other side doesn't just include most Dem leaders, the far-left, and so on. (more)
The guy in the Plavix commercials definitely has a hot, nubile wife. I really don't know what Plavix does, but I think I'll pick some up.
We need mainstream movement supporting fiscal sanity (not #teaparty, #glennbeck Randroid & #libertarian insanity) and opposing amnesty. #sgp
Just seven tweets today w/ #teaparty & "amnesty". TP leaders are going to support it or take a fall; many followers will do the same. #sgp
Immigration "reform" (i.e., amnesty) was re-introduced today by Rep. Gutierrez. My earlier coverage has a few updates:
#Teaparty intellectuals sing parody song at #codered rally; vid: "Cross-examining" pols 2 much 4 those geniuses.
Sadly, the GOP has not moved to Armenia, but simply has their own URL shortener. Sample; goes to my Steele page:
If I covered global warming, I'd do it in an intellectually honest fashion. I don't think there's anything like that out there.
Major global warming issues: a) complex topic requiring doctoral knowledge; b) no scientists, MSM, bloggers etc. can be trusted. #diogenes
Al Gore runs from global waming questions; his Press Sec'y grabs reporter's mic; UN guard pulls out cable. Watch:
#teaparty 02/15/2022 schedule: finally realize that Koch Industries is never going to cut them in on a share of the profits. #glennbeck #sgp
#teaparty 12/31/2012 schedule: 9am: finally realize that Dick Armey isn't going to bring that check from Helen Krieble like he promised.
#teaparty 12/15/09 schedule: 9am: begin sit-in at Senate offices. 9:01am: realize that the anti-taser outfits from @FreedomWorks don't work.
Natalie Merchant sings Wonder with blind students at school benefit: #MusicMonday #heartwarming
#ThereminBabe Pamelia Kurstin makes it sound almost like a violin: #MusicMonday
Colorado Supreme Court decides privacy was violated in search for illegal alien identity thiefs:
Gold mine/huge haystack: 22 million emails from Bush admin finally located: (Might be years before released)
10,000 Maniacs - Can't Ignore The Train: Buy The Wishing Chair here: #MusicMonday
Loituma song that isn't leekspin: Unknown why elements sound a bit like other genres. #MusicMonday #LeekspinLundi
Ethnocentric hack @SenatorMenendez: Earth warming, Latinos hardest hit: Apparently "Latino issues" was a lie.
#HarpBabe x #BalalaikaBabe = #GusliBabe Olga Shishkina: (Lullaby by Shakhanov) #MusicMonday
Since #teaparty wants to emulate SDS down to the sit-ins, here's Jefferson Airplane w/ Volunteers: #MusicMonday
Disclaimer: I stipulate that by criticizing anything about #teaparty, I'm revealing myself to be a Marxist Communist. Moving on...
Great "reporting" from @DLoesch (Charles Jaco, Gulf War): #teaparty #sgp #glennbeck
I'm going to guess that Jess Henig of so-called @FactCheck is misleading about global warming; see the comments:
Redstate whines about #healthcare: In Aug., #teaparty could have blocked or changed it w/ my techniques. #sgp
This is *not* video from the #teaparty convention, although you can be forgiven for getting them confused: #tcot
BBC vid: dozens of baboons at "war": Not a good place to be hiking. (Also, not a #teaparty vs. ANSWER rally) #sgp
Office of Thrift Supervision stonewalling paper's FOIA request about WaMu being shut down; pics of redactions:
Geothermal energy project in NoCal shut down: Great news: *most* earthquakes caused by geothermal are small.
@powerlineblog "astroturf": Can't use Google; see 3:21: Any PLB friends in Kochtopus?
"I think I would enjoy the job of a Tom Paine impersonator." (New MMPI question designed to determine #teaparty tendencies.) #glennbeck #sgp
Roger Simon of @PJTV is going to Copenhagen! Beep beep, real reporting coming through! Watch out Al Gore, prepare to be interrogated! zzz...
#Christmas gift idea: 7-11 has Snuggies (Snuggie Classic only, not the High Fashion Snuggie).
Since you asked: I'm wearing shorts, and if not for the rain I'd just be wearing a t-shirt. L.A. can't even storm right.
Only good thing I can say about #teaparty is that they aren't (yet?) throwing torches and smashing planters: #sgp
New England Patriots mascot Pat the Patriot arrested in prostitution sting: Make up your own joke.
Man in furry suit caught on camera set in forest to spot game; Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team on case:
Anti-AGW hassled after asks questions at global warming confab: Proly true; you ask that prof quesitons (&better)
Gutierrez to intro amnesty on Tues, placeholder here: More important, how to block it:
@ThinkProgress, @nbclawandorder smear #glennbeck O'Reilly, Limbaugh: #teaparty not smart enough to respond. #sgp
This anti- #Palin post from @ThinkProgress is so dumb that even #teaparty might be able to discredit it: #sgp
Recap of Thu.'s immigrant detention hearings (WashInd, Eviatar):
Statue of Obama as a young boy - with butterfly alighting on hand - unveiled in Indonesia: #GravenIdols
Currently at Borders, perusing Amanda Marcotte's new book "Wendy & Little Debbie: Frontwomyn of the Patriarchy" @pandagon
#teaparty has questions: BHO would handle those with ease; TP not smart enough to make them better #sgp
It would be possible for those who are smart, sane, and not corrupt to deal with global warming. Too bad AGW opponents can't hit all three.
Video from Copenhagen global warming conference: LiveAid 2, with the warlords in this case being our leaders.
Oh no! I missed the premiere of "Stossel". It's 8pm Pacific? Well, er, my TV is set to Eastern time. Yes, that's it. Eastern time.
Why do #teaparty "patriots" support those who push mass immigration even as millions unemployed? Different kind of "patriots", I guess. #sgp
New #teaparty chant: "Hey Ho We Won't Go Until You Pass Laws Making It Easier for Koch & DickArmey's Friends to Make Money!" #glennbeck #sgp
Since #teaparty wants to be just like SDS, here's a couple vids: Fight the Power, Man!
#teaparty GreatThinkers to "storm" Senate offices, stage sit-ins, just like SDS. Too smart for them:
#CNNRealJournalism: Al Gore reads his Global Warming poem to @CNN "reporter": yeshe raz po-russki, pozhaluysta
What #teaparty was chanting - or not against - five years ago: #sgp #glennbeck (I opposed Bush & BHO cults)