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Clifton Buck PhD
Georgia, USA
Assoc. Prof. * Marine Chemist - Trace Metals and Ocean Carbon #Climate * @LehighU & @FloridaState alum * Tweets my own * he/him * BotSentinel offender
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From @AnthonyAdragna
D.C. Wolves > Washington Redskins
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From @tracemetalclean
@AnthonyAdragna @CillizzaCNN It's going to be a busy day for DC Wolves' website.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tracemetalclean: more recently, @AnthonyAdragna blogs "Rick Perry dances toward the exits". Cute! Has Tony ever challenged Rick on his huge vulnerabilities to MAGA (his support for amnesty, opposition to walls, TTC, etc.)? What use is he at holding Perry & Trump accountable?