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From @akela_lacy
Guess who plagiarized parts of at least eight policy plans?@MikeBloomberg
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From @akela_lacy
@MikeBloomberg The campaign they didn’t immediately respond to questions, but this morning it was clear they’d alte…
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From @akela_lacy
@MikeBloomberg @Mailchimp Bloomberg’s campaign copied from outlets including @CNN, @TIME, @Recode, @sfgate,…
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From @akela_lacy
Worth noting: Bloomberg staffers make BANK. To do what? You may be asking
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From @akela_lacy
One of the more egregious examples IMO: two complete grafs lifted from this @cnn op-ed by @MichaelSLinden. Bloomber…
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From @ElectionFrenzy
@akela_lacy @ryangrim @CNN @MichaelSLinden Does anyone seriously think Bloomberg is against tax cuts? Can't blame t…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
There are huge flaws in Bloomberg's immigration ideas, & no doubt his other. Note that Akela isn't capable of spotting those & lacks the patriotism to call him on those. MT @ElectionFrenzy MT @akela_lacy [blogs "Bloomberg Plagiarized Parts of At Least Eight of His Plans"]