Ann Coulter falsely says Trump Wall would be "forever"

On the video below, Ann Coulter says that Trump Wall would be "forever". In fact, whatever is built of Trump Wall would be easily torn down by the next president or the next Congress.

There are very powerful forces that oppose any sort of "wall" on the border. They're the ones who have forced Trump to only try to settle for $1.6 billion of funding that will barely cover even just part of his Wall. Almost a year into his presidency he hasn't even started construction on the Wall as he promised. He's even defined the "Wall" down to include extra fencing and bollards. He's also had to cut deals to get even just the $1.6 billion.

Why is that? Because the elites and their representatives in Congress really don't want the Wall.

Now, ask yourself what's going to happen after Trump's out of office or is a lame duck.

Aren't those same forces that have blocked the "Wall" so far going to set to work to undercut whatever of the "Wall" that's built? For instance, they can decide to stop funding upkeep for the "Wall". It's also very easy to see the next Democratic Party president making a big show of going to the border to start knocking down the "Wall".

Some might say, "but the people will stop them!" If so, explain why "the people" haven't been able to secure greater funding for Trump's "Wall". The fact is that only a small part of the U.S. have been duped into thinking that Trump Wall is an actual, viable plan that would solve the problem. At the same time, the entire establishment is opposed to the plan: both major political parties, Big Business, Big Banks, the Federal Reserve, religious leaders, NGOs like the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Council of La Raza, the establishment media, and on and on. They know how to monkeywrench plans, and Trump and his supporters obviously - based on the $1.6 billion - don't know how to stop them.

Those very powerful forces will move to stop, neglect, and tear down whatever of "Trump Wall" gets built. And, Ann Coulter isn't capable of figuring that out.

There are smart alternatives to Trump's soon-to-be-failed plans, such as making the arguments on the false compassion page. Those arguments would have the same impact as "Trump Wall", but they couldn't be torn down.

However, Coulter lacks the patriotism to demand Trump uses such arguments. Instead, she promotes a fantasy that will never work. Use that to undercut her at the only thing she cares about: her attempts to con people into buying her books.

Ann Coulter falsely says Trump Wall would be "forever" (see the description)