Steve Sailer and readers on Trump's immigration actions

This page is part of the Trump Supporters on His Immigration Actions series. If Donald Trump's immigration actions work out, then we'll know who to thank. However, if - as is much more likely - Trump uses his immigration actions as a prelude to amnesty or his actions get tied up in the courts for years, we'll know who to blame.

In "Trump to Order Wall Built", Steve Sailer doesn't say anything at all. While he's apparently not completely sold on Trump, if Sailer could figure out how Trump's plans would fail, then it would behoove him to say something.

Over 147 comments, Sailer's readers are almost completely full of praise and none suggest how Trump's plans could fail. Instead there are comments like these:


Two predictions.
1/. That the wall will last, basically, forever, future Democrat or Republican administrations be damned – once built, no one but no one will have the guts to demolish it.
2/. It will be outstandingly successful in what it seeks to do ie curbing illegal infiltrators.


This may be one of the great turning points in American history. Let’s hope so.
You deserve some credit for this, Mr. Sailer. Thank you


Right on.

In 24 hours we got a couple of big ass pipelines and now a wall.

There is a lot of money spent plus a lot of construction jobs. And some permanent ones as well. Not to mention payments for easements.

All the benefits of a stimulus/jobs program. Except its paid for by entities that aren’t the government. Hell yes.


I wonder how many terrorist attacks; sexual assaults; and various human misery will have been prevented by Trump’s election. Probably a good deal more than the anti-rape bracelet program will.

PS How long until the Left runs into court and argues that there is some kind of “right to immigrate.”?

(NB: How Trump could have reduced Obama's refugees program over a year ago)

Jack Hanson:

Just saw that speech.
Anyone claiming Trump isn’t serious and crying DOOOOM can be safely ignored.

The only dissent involves Trump not rescinding DACA, such as:

Still no news on a DACA repeal(or even a simple halt to work permits), which is the real prize the establishment DESPERATELY wants to keep, and which is more important than anything else...

"Realist" says "I hope you’re right….but I doubt it." to the "wall will last" comment above.

The closest Sailer's commenters come to figuring things out are these:


If it is ever built. Will Paul Ryan in the House and McCain Rubio Sasse Murkowski Collins and Graham allow it to be funded?

Trump can try to do an “executive build” but then Kennedy will decide the legality of it.

We will see. So far Trump has only appointed two restrictionists to his cabinet, Flynn and Sessions. The rest are Chamber of Commerce Republicans.


Is this not simply grandstanding? Surely there are many cheaper and more effective ways of facilitating self-deportation than than this boondoggle.


Let me add that I have thought that it, perhaps, would have been better for Trump had he, instead of proposing restriction or increased scrutiny of Muslims, simply called for a complete moratorium on all immigration. Would that not have allowed him to avoid or at least minimize the hysterical “Islamophobia” attacks on him?

I have also thought that Trump missed many opportunities in not responding, whenever he was attacked as being “anti-Muslim” and “racist”, etc., by pointing to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record (as well as Obama’s)– specifically, to the fact that the countless victims of the carnage and misery for which Clinton, Obama and most of their compatriots bear culpability (to varying degrees) are overwhelmingly Muslim and/or Arab.

Since DJT will no doubt continue to face such attacks now that he is President, this advice of mine would seem to still be relevant.

Obviously, it would have been smarter (among other things) for Trump not to single out Muslims. However, calling for a complete moratorium would have received even less support than Trump's Muslims ban. See the link above for what Trump would have done if he were smart, rational, and patriotic. If Sailer and his readers were likewise smart, rational, and patriotic, they would have demanded Trump do that instead of his crazy, unworkable plans.

Finally, for those who favor the East German way of doing things, Verymuchalive says:

It won’t be a wall. It will be a fence like the Israeli one. That will keep the cost down and it will be see through to permit observation beyond as in Israel.
It’s a tried and tested technique and seems to work well.
The Berlin Wall was a wall in the City, but out in the German countryside, it was a fence: heavily fortified but still a fence. I expect the devisors of the Great Fence of America to study the Israeli, East German and other previous examples in order to design an effective barrier.