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Nellie Bowles
San Francisco, CA
Reporter for the New York Times on tech and culture. Rarely tweeting but very emailing: Always looking for stories.
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From @nytimes
PragerU, a growing hub of the online right-wing media machine, is using YouTube as a way to circumvent professors —…
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From @judith_lankau
@nytimes They are not right-wing. They have good, balanced content. And they are constutionally correct. Their civi…
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From @Voix_Dissidente
@judith_lankau @nytimes Of course they're right-wing, full of propaganda, far-right pundits and their trademark ina…
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From @stillgray
@nytimes Gatekeepers. How about we stop letting leftists dictate what our kids learn?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
SJWs are a menace, but so too are r/w'ers. You'd simply replace their poison with your own and - just to make money - reduce the U.S. to the very low level of red states. MT @stillgray How about we stop letting leftists dictate what our kids learn?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Voix_Dissidente: #PragerU desperately needs someone to show them wrong about various things in a smart, sane, patriotic, big tent way. The @NellieBowles blog just engaged in the usual smears that only *help* those like Prager. At the end of the day, she *helps* him.
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From @interpretaatioo
@NellieBowles in-depth article @nytimes clarifying issues pertaining to #AB5 featuring our colleague @BlueUrpi and…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@interpretaatioo: now, @NellieBowles blogs about #PragerU. Instead of engaging them in debate on various issues & showing them wrong, she smears them (thereby helping them). She helped them so much, they even hyped her blog. They wouldn't do that if she were a real journalist.
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From @alypavs
Amaze piece by @NellieBowles about a how a looong hiking trail across SF helps this pretty, complicated city
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From @JeffWMontague
@alypavs @NellieBowles I love that you shared this the way my mom would: photos of a newspaper.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JeffWMontague: hey Jeff, see the open source app & the real, reproducible data at my pinned tweet showing how heavily @alypavs censors *all* kinds of users. Eg, she censors ~1/2 the replies to Rouhani, ~40% to Medvedev, etc. She hasn't met a dictator she doesn't try to help.