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Director Dean
Jersey Diamond Mine
My attitude? ... you're looking at it. Insidiously iconoclastic. Prurient. Conservative as hell politics. Hair metal. Saint I ain't. MANTRA: Attack life.
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From @TheHRH
absolutely fascinating if you haven't seen the McGurk Effect in action:
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From @PrinzPlaymates
@TheHRH This is mind baffling and mind bending. Edifying. And awesome.
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From @TheHRH
@PrinzPlaymates isn't it though? Doesn't matter if you know the trick your mind will play, if your eyes are open y…
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From @PrinzPlaymates
@TheHRH @ScottAdamsSays Thanks for the recommendation of "Win Bigly". I'll order it tomorrow. As all of this is very fascinating.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PrinzPlaymates: FYI, Dilbert thinks amnesty is a great idea. It might send Trump's popularity into the 20s or less, in addition (actually important) greatly harming the USA by encouraging more illegal #immigration & rewarding swamp corruption. Amnesty isn't #MAGA.