Donald Trump could stop Obama's immigration agenda right now. Why won't he?

As previously discussed, by proposing unrealistic plans, Donald Trump is helping Obama continue his immigration agenda. See that link for the details.

It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, Donald Trump could help stop Obama's immigration agenda right now if he wanted. So, why doesn't he?

For instance, Trump could negotiate down his own demand and call for much stricter vetting of all refugees - not all Muslims - before entering the U.S. Then, he could start a campaign to make that happen. If he succeeded - as he likely would - he would deal Obama a major defeat, help the U.S., and show doubters that he's eligible to be president. Even if he failed, he'd prove to many people that he's not just all talk.

Some might say that there's little Trump can do without being elected. Tell that to all the groups that spend large amounts of money - billions of dollars per year - on lobbying. The National Rifle Association and the National Restaurant Association aren't elected, but the manage to impact Congress' decisions.

Another billionaire - Mark Zuckerberg - is behind FWD US, a group that pushes for looser immigration laws. Trump could easily start a similar group to push for tighter restrictions on immigration. A Zuckerberg ally - Jose Vargas - is a famous illegal alien who's been featured in the media several times pushing for amnesty. Zuckerberg and Vargas aren't that successful. It's not because they aren't trying, it's because their cause isn't that popular.

Trump isn't even trying. All he's doing is throwing out unrealistic plans that won't ever happen. They make the GOP base feel good, but they won't ever happen. Even if someone wants to deny reality and say they would happen, there's no excuse why Trump can't try to make realistic plans happen now. He might even prevent the next attack by terrorists if he can force Congress to make Obama hold off on refugees until they can be thoroughly vetted.

While I'm sure Trump fans can come up with plenty of creative excuses for Trump not doing all he could, they'd all be invalid. It wouldn't take much for Trump to present a realistic plan and then repeated demand Obama implements it and repeatedly pressure Congress to make Obama implement it. Trump can do that alongside all the other things he does.

The only real question is why Trump won't do that.

Please tweet his senior advisor @DanScavino and ask.