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Colin Mieczkowski
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News Writer for @PocketGamer; Minnesota @ROKKR Writer for @TGHEsports; Founder of @GolfPunchbowl; Streamer; Podcaster; White Sox/Bulls Fan; @ILMediaSchool Alum
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From @MunaNawabit1
Being white isn’t the problem but the problem is society treating anyone else that’s not white as a criminal, a rap…
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From @GhostPandaColin
@MunaNawabit1 This is absolutely perfect. I think it's also important to be educated on everyone's culture & history as well.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Our leaders constantly try to blame whites. qv De Blasio try to blame Trump in part for attacks by extremist blacks. MT @GhostPandaColin [cheers] MT @MunaNawabit1 #ItsOkayToBeWhite [but] society [treats] anyone that's not white as a criminal, a rapist, a thug or as a terrorist