#TMAWTUT: Ten Minutes A Week To Undercut Trump

#TMAWTUT means "Ten Minutes A Week To Undercut Trump". It's a series of small campaigns everyone can help with and that require very little time commitment. You can oppose Trump in other ways the rest of the time, all we ask is ten minutes (or less!) per week.

Think of TMAWTUT as a backup for if other campaigns don't work. You can keep doing those other things, but what if they don't work? You'll have spent a lot of time on something that had no impact. For instance, going to a march might have an impact or it might be ignored. You can easily do a TMAWTUT task while waiting for the march to start or while taking a break.

Key notes about these mini-campaigns:

  • Immigration is a vital issue to Trump's supporters. It's also - as exhaustively discussed on the Donald Trump page - Trump's weakest issue. You might disagree with our take on the issue, but if you don't discuss it in the way we'll outline you'll just help Trump.
  • One of the best ways to have an impact on Trump is to have an impact on his proxies and leading supporters. Trump needs their help. If they can't or won't help Trump for one reason or another, that will send a very strong message right to Trump himself.

Here are the mini-campaigns, in reverse chronological order; check back with this page for updates:

  • All you have to do for this task is look up a high-profile Trump supporter on Twitter: Cernovich, Ann Coulter, Scott Adams, Molyneux, Kayleigh McEnany, Jeff Lord, etc. Then, ask them to either support or oppose Trump continuing Obama's DACA amnesty. CC @24AheadDotCom_ with their replies. If they don't reply after a few days, ask again. If they still don't reply, that's OK: that can be used against them. If they end up supporting Trump's amnesty, another campaign will use that to undercut them (and thus send a strong message to Trump).