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Harold Pollack
University of Chicago professor, RTs not equal endorsement. Index card book at:
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From @Ocasio2018
Has anyone else noticed that “I am not a scientist” is the new cliche prelude for lobbyists & fossil fuel interests…
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From @CharlesPPierce
@Ocasio2018 Not new, FYI.
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From @haroldpollack
@CharlesPPierce @Ocasio2018 Maybe cable TV should get rid of all the “I’m not a scientist” folk and bring on—checks notes—actual scientists.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@haroldpollack @CharlesPPierce: TV (but I'm sure not you) don't want just any scientist, they want Lysenko. Related: easy arguments would show any popular #immigration plan wrong (Trump's/Ocasio's/Pelosi's/Pence's/etc). Let's start by you calling on TV to make those.