Thousands Flood Loop In Protest

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[[WMAQ]]/[[March 10, 2006]]/ link

Reports on the March 10 Chicago march

...Rep. Luis Gutierrez told the crowd that immigrants are here to stay. And the Illinois Democrat pledged to work to block a controversial bill that would drastically strengthen immigration laws.

"Shut the Senate down until you get the voice of immigrants who work so hard," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich got a loud cheer from the crowd when the told them in Spanish that immigrants aren't criminals, they're workers. The governor said that he's proud to support immigrant rights.

And Chicago Mayor Richard Daley told the crowd that everyone in America is an immigrant and that no one should turn their backs on new immigrants now.

Speaking from the podium, Daley said, "Do not allow anyone to tell you that you're an immigrant. Everyone in America is an immigrant."

..."Look at it this way," said demonstrator Ramone Hernandez. "If we do the same thing in Mexico and say to all the white people, 'Hey, get out of my country,' you know? We're not criminals. We just come here to work. That's all we do."