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Michaela Watkins
Pretty Pants, California
#theUnicorn #CBStv #theWayBack @CasualonHulu #SNLAlum @groundlings alum #BrittanyRunsAMarathon, enjoy discourse but block trolls. instagrm: michaelawat
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From @MarkDuplass
Raise your hand if you want @apple to keep giving more and more free product to filmmakers from underserved communi…
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From @michaelaWat
@MarkDuplass @Apple I’d REALLY love if Apple could recycle their products OR make them last longer so we don’t keep…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Those who are more equal than others (People Of Color, LGBTQ, etc) already have SIGs, non-rich whites don't & thus are more "underserved". MT @michaelaWat [unrelated cavil] MT @MarkDuplass [Apple should keep giving freebies to] filmmakers from underserved communities