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Preftigious HLS / HBS bro || black armed guard || tweets self-destruct every 30days
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From @MedvedSHOW
Does this news indicate a coming "tidal wave" of Democratic victories, or a party drowning in a sea of indifference…
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From @RealFacelessMan
@MedvedSHOW I suspect the progressive left has fundraising structures independent of the DNC (who they don’t trust)
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RealFacelessMan: FYI: 3.5 years ago, amnesty fan @MedvedSHOW in effect hoped our national #soccer team would lose, due to American exceptionalism. Medved in effect didn't want USA to exceed. He must be ecstatic #USMNT lost to Trinidad & Tobago. #MAGA #resist