TheDream.US: Don Graham, Gates, Bloomberg, Norquist turn their backs on American students (scholarships for illegal aliens)

Former Washington Post CEO Don Graham has launched TheDream . US [1] to give 1000 scholarships worth $25,000 each to illegal aliens admitted to the DACA program.

Their effort will no doubt give some the warm fuzzies, but what about struggling American college students? Every dollar TheDream will give to a foreign citizen is a dollar they could give to one of their fellow Americans. It's their money - there's apparently no U.S. public funding involved - and they can do what they want with it. But, does their effort stress any great loyalty to their fellow citizens?

See the DREAM Act page for more on related issues. Their scholarships will further incentivize illegal immigration, sending the message to other countries that if you come to the U.S. illegally with your kids they might get a scholarship from rich people who have more loyalty to foreign citizens than their fellow citizens. The scholarships will increase braindrain from Third World countries, depriving those countries of the people they need to develop. In many of those countries, students can receive free or low-cost college educations from their own governments.

A solution that would be better for all - foreign countries and U.S. students - would be for Graham et al to provide a repatriation fund. That will increase the number of educated people in developing countries, it will put pressure on the leaders of those countries to reform, and it will free up resources for Americans who want to go to college.

Instead of doing that, Graham et al are making things worse for both foreign countries and Americans who want to go to college.

Besides Graham, others involved are:

* Democratic National Committee Finance Chairman Henry Munoz
* Former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez
* The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (see Bill Gates)
* Bloomberg Philanthropies (see Michael Bloomberg)
* The Inter American Development Bank

Endorsers include:

* Jeb Bush
* Newt Gingrich
* Grover Norquist
* Jill Biden
* Rupert Murdoch

Want to do something about this? The most accessible supporter is Norquist, so focus on him:

1. Tweet your thoughts to @GroverNorquist

2. When an article mentions Norquist, point out his low level of loyalty to his fellow citizens.

3. Search for those discussing him and then work to turn them against him.

Another thing you can do is discredit the two reporters involved in the Politico article. Ask Maggie Severns and Hadas Gold the questions at those links, and if they don't respond look up those they chat with and work to undercut them by pointing out their failure to present any contrary information in their report.

UPDATE: Based on the video of Graham, I added Jill Biden and Murdoch to the list of endorsers.

[1] politico . com/story/2014/02/don-graham-immigration-scholarship-fund-103119.html by Maggie Severns and Hadas Gold.