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Retired Marine (Grunt, MSG, and LogO). Blue vote in a red state. Half as clever as I think I am. I occasionally drunk tweet and then lose followers.
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From @MsgToObserver
I lost both legs in Iraq, this pic is me walking again for the 1st time (I'd spend 2yrs in a hospital recovering).…
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From @MsgToObserver
Every one of us should be contacting our reps and telling them that we don't support this war. And look up who's do…
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From @mrhortywho
@MsgToObserver I’ll be calling tomorrow. I imagine it will go like this: - Cruz: full voicemail - Cornyn: full voi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If you really, really care, in addition to your flawed plans, use my Question Authority plan. Find smart people to devise tough questions, then go ask them on video. MT @mrhortywho [I'll just get voicemail] MT @MsgToObserver [call Congress about stopping Trump's "war" on Iran]