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I'm finishing my coffee. Enjoying my coffee. Follow @LukeIFS for campaign finance and #freespeech takes.
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.@LukeWachob: after establishing what are official govt channels, Twitter *heavily* censors replies to those channels (see the real data at my top tweet). That's like Comcast only delivering some emails to the FCC. @ENBrown strongly supports all of that.
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Too many Republicans want us to think it's a 1A violation for a private company to dictate the terms of service on…
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@ENBrown just a heads up, Hawley is listed as a Rep in the article rather than a Senator.
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.@LukeWachob: @ENBrown strongly supports #Twitter censorship because they're a private company. Does Twitter sell itself as a way for public officials to interact with constituents? (Hint: TwitterGov). Are accounts like chpalerts anything other than official govt channels?